Saturday, September 02, 2017

At the end of the road.

came onto the track
Shivering with fear
but in the face
they seem very much ready
Just like a real athlete

for all their crimes
they put on the mask
of a prince
and came onto the track

believe everything they hear
built a house in empty air
can't differentiate who
Is good and bad
but still they came
Onto the track

want to fight
For justice
Regardless of being
Weak or strong
Just with a good heart
They came onto the track

Victory or failure
it's something
at the end
Of the track
I wonder what
Would the participants
Receive in the end

At the end
Of the track
do what you need to do
but also beware of danger

Poerm by ye yint thet zwe
Translate by ye yint tin aung moe