Monday, March 10, 2014

4. European Nights - Sufferings (1)

4. European Nights - Sufferings (1)

I had long for my better half,  
And so much I missed her. 
Through reading letters and words
Amidst dumbness, slowness, 
Immovability and heaviness 
Drive me to the edge of death.  

My forlornness seep and flow out,
Though I hold them back. 
I wonder how my old mother could stand it, 
And how the rebels and their comrades 
Left in the prisons for a common belief,
Who are hands in hands for nearly a decade, 
And my nephews and nieces survived. 

Though the races are different, 
Languages are different, 
The weathers are different, 
But, they sculpted a system 
That we envied and longed for our land 
By putting all common interests together. 
Under that system, 
My very life, once almost broken into pieces, 
They rescued and refreshed it by their hands, 
For me, to again enjoy the life 
That my mother gave me in the beginning! 

My life is still uncertain, but 
I hear the siren of the trains, 
Every night . . . . . (again, then again.) 

(Recounting the suffering days when I was hospitalized in European hospital.) 

3. In Reality

3. In Reality 

The setting sun and the color of the clouds 
Like the splash of paints, fabulous!
I’m monger of beauty  
Whose dinner used to be uncertain! 

I had longed for a light, 
As insecurity and uncertainty loomed 
And fell apart over me. 

Though what I want is honesty, 
But I won’t complain 
Of the zigzag streets and crooked minds. 

The stream water enter into rivers, 
While the river water discharges into Oceans. 
Alas, I found myself recovered 
That I am the river itself that couldn’t find 
The ocean, in the arts of living in the social life . . . . . 

Ye Yint Thet Zwe 
18. 01. 2011

2. In God’s Hand

2. In God’s Hand
Trees, flowers, 
Sweet chirps . . . chirps of birds 
Nature, forests, mountains and waters
Including humankind, 
Aren’t they  the creation of God? 

I don’t want to know 
If the drama
That began in the Garden Eden
Was it smooth or rogue, 
So, too, the fruit’s taste
 If it’s sweet or bitter 
Or salty or sour, I care not! 

Me – 
My body with your mind,
When I search my life 
I know I’m no longer the master of it, 
But, I found it at last, 
At the end of the dreams and 
Middle of the nights’ skies, 
Alas, in the God’s hand. 

That beginning and end, 
In fact, is the forbidden fruit lo!

Ye Yint Thet Zwe