Sunday, April 20, 2014

If God is unwilling, even a leaf doesn't move right mom?

If God is unwilling, even a leaf doesn't move right mom?

Mother, mother
I whispered slowly and softly

Tears dripping down my cheeks.

I can feel winter approaching
Among the sun rays that 

Pass through the freshest and greenest of leaves

Summertime is fading away slowly and quietly.

 Gone are the days of the midnight sun.
The night can finally get it's life back
Firmly and surely.

 In their four seasons,
Only I can't get a hold of my life.

I am still fighting with death, mother.

Gone are the days of fasting
And went to the side of God to pray today.

For my father who has passed.

For the mother who is left behind.

For the family members that are apart.

For my beloved land of Burma.

For the mother earth.

I prayed for all while tears rolled down my cheeks.

 O mother.
"Please come back son."...

That's the voice of you calling out again and again.

I am not sure if I will ever have a chance to feel regret by
your feet again.
I know my illness the best, mother.

For the forty years I've lived,
I loved my father

I loved my mother

I loved my two brothers

I loved my nieces

I loved my dear little dove

I loved my daughter and son

I loved my relatives

I loved people of different beliefs

I loved my friends and acquaintances

I loved the poems out of love for the truth...

O mother, I did not do my part for all except these loves.
I was not able to...

As I lived alone,
I had more time to think 
why people on this earth commit suicide.
I started to understand them slowly bit by bit,mother.

 Even though mother 
I want to hug you once more before I die, 

I want to live with my
  little dove, daughter and son once again.
I want to write the poems that I love once again.

All these wishes and thoughts makes me wanna defy death himself,mother.

Poem by  Ye Yint Thet Zwe      
Translate by Ye Yint Tin Aung Moe


Vihaamme Sodat, Äiti .......

Vihaamme Sodat, Äiti .......
Vihaamme sodat, äiti
 Muistan vielä ajan
 kun kuulin menemme sotaan, koska
vihaamme sotaa, .....
Oikeus ja miekka
 Kun he kilpailevat,
 Rakastan oikeus ja päästää miekka.
Vihaamme sodat
 Että runo äitini aina lausua.
O Äiti,
 Olet muotoinen yhden aikakauden ja lensi pois.
 Me pojat ... polulla toivoa
Oikeus ja miekka
 Kun he kilpailevat,
 Aion puolustaa oikeus ja käytän miekkaa.
 Ja me taistelemme kunnes voitamme sodan.
 vihaamme sotien äiti.
 vihaamme sodat .......
Runo te  ye yint

We hate wars,mother

We hate wars,mother

We hate wars,mother
I still remember the time
when I heard we go to war because we hate war,…..

Piffany and sword
When they compete,
love piffany and let go of the sword.
We hate wars
Thats the poem my mother always use to recite.

O Mother,
You shaped one era and flew away.
We the sons...on the path of hope

Piffany and sword
When they compete,
I shall uphold piffany and use my sword.
And we will fight till we win the war.

In reality,
we hate wars mother.
we hate wars .......

Poem by ye yint thet zwe
Translate by ye yint tin aung moe