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Sunday, May 25, 2014

The winter birds have came home What about the daily lives of people.

The winter birds have came home 
What about the daily lives of people.

I love the snow flakes 
I also love the huge snow mountains. 
I pity the life of the sea 
It turns to playground during winter 
But turns to water during summer. I Became the subject of pity When the country of the equator Enter the darkness of the winter. That I am just recounting What happened a year ago. People Even though we differ in skin color and religion It's the same in a sense ThatWe all left our family nest To live a better life and a better future. The same for the flight of the winter birds For people who are the same I just want to say That we are all birds of the daily lives. Only Those being suppressed could understand getting suppressed in a world so peaceful and quiet The Sleep Of Those Sleeping are still being haunted By the fearsome nightmares. When I hear the trauma of each and everyone I feel as if I'm watching short documentary film All kinds of feeling shake my heart It makes my watery eyes.Those living in the freezing countries of the equator Might not Believe That there are such Inhumane acts Going on on the other side of the world The real life is much more beyond belief note the dreams. Even the history books and the movie scripts Compared cant be.Be it you, me or any other person. The feeling of leaving your country Your Family Is painful as if a dagger ran through my heart.Getting to live in another country different language Speaking Living under different culture. Other think we are living a better live instead of bitterness. I do not think so. The feeling of leaving my friends behind to suffer Kills me every second of every moment The streets are clear And the night has welcome us. Waking up feeling sorrow Or haven ' t I fall asleep. Relax my friend. Stress is not that simple. You can give a better life for the family members and the friends left behind. Your family and friends would be very much happy for your escape. You can decorate the world with your freedom. In reality, We are not lonely We are not hopeless We are not future less Even though we differ in look and skin color It's the same under the skin in Which all our bloods are red It's the same in Which We all want to escape from suppression, I believe all our sores would be Healed Under the care of the help of people in this country very Writer Like the birds return home We all have to return home too. poems by yint ye thet ZWE translate ye yint by Tin Aung Moe

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