Sunday, July 03, 2016

Cats do not carry around toothpicks

Cats do not carry around toothpicks
The coldness of the pole that feezes circulatin blood.
It is minus 25.
Eve the cats can't lift their tails.
Also the humans cant lift their horns.
Both the cats and humans are ....
As for me, my thoughts are multiplying just like the plants that multiple in water.
As my thoughts go past, I look at the cats and wonder.
"Mayar nay sa kyoun thay mha"
The cats are lucky through out my 26 years of marrige.
Its is said that master of tiger is cat.
Did i live my whole life as a cat?
In the end, it is like the saying goes" give a cat a bath
when there is nothing to do".
Wouldn't it be better if we can do the same for humans?
My wife says " you are also a cat"
The cold and freezing show or the pole,
when will it stop?
even the hair on the cats are standing up. I tend to over think.
I dont know how many times I fell from height like a cat.
The cats are standing still as i began to question myself.
I cannot lift my tail just like a cat could.
I think the cats are also over thinking like me.
I cannot know for sure.
what is the difference of being a human and a cat.
I lived like a cat.
I cried out aloud in pain just like a cat would.
People , thorough out my life i see people's faces just like a cat.
Cats do not carry around toothpick.
Cats do not carry around toothpick.
Cats do not carry around toothpick.

Poem by ye yint thet zwe
Translate by ye yint tin aung moe

("Mayar nay sa kyoun thay mha"- Cats died from his wife
Occupation lazy girl and married that woman So how do we picture Can anyone with a woman beloved kitten condemn beaten back from the woman is not just looking at longer home work arise. Work was also his wife who were newly in that excruciatingly make teach the way that show the presence of a length convenient for Monday. (Wife, Cheung afterthought )

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